Little? The broadcast area was spread over a hundred square miles. That would be pretty large if it was a ranch, even in Texas. You think it's easy covering that size of an area? You better think again. Tom Inmann and Richard Heatly had the matter well in hand though. Those were two of the most amazing electrical engineers I ever met, and dedicated? They put together a mobile transmission van that had the big network guys beat. They were even called to cover football games way over in Tennessee with it.

They had us doing the University of Arizona football games and the Tucson Toro's baseball games. Hank Lominac's great coral/heshi jewelry commercials, and the Uncle Bob show was shot live right in the KZAZ studio.

If that was little, I'm an amoeba.

Philip Obsharsky

Little Falls, N.Y.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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