We were driving through Tucson on the way back from El Paso, when transmission

problems forced us to stop. Chris at the Golf Links AAMCO said he'd do his best to get us back on the road soon. With that encouraging note, my wife and I checked into the J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa to take advantage of our unplanned vacation — something we learned to do over a 22 year USAF career.

However, as nice as we found the city to be, the friendly people who greeted us so warmly everywhere we went will remain our fondest memory. After a lifetime of traveling around the world, and meeting so many wonderful people, Ezdy and I, once again, find our lives enriched; this time by the good people of Tucson. Three days later, we were happy to be on our way home, yet thankful we were forced to stay a little longer than planned.

Vito Tomasino

Las Vegas

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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