Re: the Dec. 17 guest column "We need a reckoning for all men in our communities."

I should not be surprised that a liberally-slanted newspaper like the Star would print a guest opinion from a feminist, Anna Harper-Guerrero, who seems angry with men. Her attitude is that all men are guilty until proven innocent. Most men are good people, just as most women are good people. I have seen enough of these women who come out of the woodwork 30 years later to claim some man looked cross-eyed at her and now she's offended.

This gold digging needs to end. I don't care what the excuse is. It is ludicrous for a woman to wait years and years before she decides she's been wronged. Of course, if some form of abuse does happen, then, if it can be proven, there should be appropriate consequences. But waiting so long certainly makes many of us skeptical. And men aren't the only gender capable of abuse, and it does happen that women are the aggressors.

Nate Baker


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