Gov. Doug Ducey called the video of the pedestrian hit by a driverless car "disturbing and alarming" and immediately banned testing of driverless cars. Do Ducey and gun rights proponents find "disturbing and alarming" the dead bodies of young students, gun suicides and domestic murders?

"Guns don't kill, people kill," but guns are the tool for killing, as was the car. However, the Uber case involved unintentional human error — the interventional driver was looking down and failed to stop; the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk. Gun tragedies are usually deliberate targeting by the shooter.

Driverless technology is new, with early glitches and room for improvement. Many died with the first heart transplants; now lives are saved every day. It's equally drastic to ban all driverless testing due to an accident that involved car as well as human error, as it would have been to halt the trials on heart transplants. Restrictions, oversight, licensure are necessary.

Gov. Ducey states his "top priority is public safety." If true, isn't gun regulation part of the equation?

S.B. Katz


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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