I was excited to see the launch of TuGo Bike Share and immediately signed up for an annual membership.

Yesterday, I stopped for some groceries and docked my Tugo bike at the 7th Street & 4th Avenue station. After shopping, I noticed the kiosk was closed due to the upcoming Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair (over a week away) and I was unable to check out a bike to ride home. I’ve since learned that two bike share stations along 4th Avenue are being closed and physically removed in advance of the event, and possibly permanently.

I support the local businesses along 4th Avenue because they’re part of what makes Tucson great. Bike share is another piece to building a strong local economy. I’m amazed Fourth Avenue merchants don’t see the value of bike share as an easy way for customers to shop without the hassle or cost of parking. By removing the stations, Fourth Avenue merchants are telling bike share users “Your business isn't welcome”.

Colby Henley


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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