Re: the Dec. 27 guest column "Local solutions can help overcome caregiver shortage."

It is certainly correct that the disabled and desperate cannot wait for systemic change. The writer, Judith Clinco, vividly describes the plight of the professional caregiver in the United States, where not only home health care, but the entire medical system, fails both those needing help and those employed to provide it because profit reigns supreme.

I don't agree that we should shy away from "finger-pointing." There are culprits to call out, and we should do so. Making the medical system even more greed-ruled than it is already is high on the agenda of the plutocratic power grab now in full swing. Let's tell these sociopaths that no, they may not go on merrily shredding our social safety net so they can have more mansions and yachts. Charity and volunteerism are good, but it is wrong to force us to depend on them to address basic survival needs.

Kim Mathews

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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