Congratulations to Rep. Martha McSally, you not only got to vote to impoverish my children and grandchildren once, you get to feel the joy all over again when you vote once more because nobody actually read the tax scam you were voting on. This habit of voting on bills you haven’t read — remember healthcare? — is a disturbing trait, but as long as the donors are pleased, you done good.

It’s even another double win because you got to ensure the ACA will finally crash too. You must be giddy that you can finally look your magnanimous out-of-state donors in the eye and happily tell them their confidence in your ability to overlook your constituents interests for their higher priority cash was well placed. When you famously rallied the troops with “Lets get the @&$#ing done!” did you really mean “Watch me @#$& my constituents”?

Kevin Henderson


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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