It s amazing to read a letter about how bad the roads are in Pima County are that was printed almost ten years ago - "No Wonder Pima roads are so bad" May 2008 - even after a tax hike fix. I live in Green Valley and I entertain many visitors from around the country as well as around the globe every year. The first thing I want to do is show my visitors the benefits of living here in Green Valley and then start taking them to all the wonderful sights around the area. But now it has become an embarrassment because my visiting company are jostled around in the back seat as if they are on stagecoach trails from another era. You can explain away the countryside conditions - everybody can understand that but the conditions of Green Valley is hard to explain away.... Time to change shocks as well as leaders, Pima County especially! Green Valley drivers deserve better.

Cindy McCain

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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