Greetings to the Editorial Staff:

I frequently read comments from your Newspaper Editorials... and while I infrequently visit the Tucson area now-a-days, I still have vibrant positive memories of visiting parents, Friends, and flying in/out of D-M. So, yes, I'm still very interested in the Arizona ambiance and especially within the friendly environs of Tucson.

Recently, I read a local Citizen's rebuttal to some of the more uneducated, moronic comments made by your Readers regarding the Copper Mines and the "wastefulness and outdated use" of copper. Frankly speaking, those techno-nothings need to re-read the subtle comments offered by Mr. Sollenberger.... whose rather veiled stick-in-the-eye written gestures are exactly correct... right on the money. His educational suggestions may improve the acuity of their political eyesight. There's always hope for better eyesight among the near-blind.... huh?

Kudo's to you and the support staff of your news productions. Very well done! Cheers!!

Dick Thompson

Dallas, Texas

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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