Re: the Nov. 28 article "Lawsuit aims at stopping Rosemont."

The Rosemont open pit mine should NOT go forward. As I read about the effects of this enormous pit and the arguments for it, I found myself questioning some of the pro-mine arguments. Even with the employment promised, the rest of us (humans and other species) will be burdened with the long-lasting impacts to land and water; I say it isn't worth it.

Given this degradation and destruction, traditional mitigation measures seem to be a meaningless offset. Since complete restoration of the site would be impossible, a habitat as important as this should be left alone. Additionally, the claim that ground water will be replaced/replenished with "imported Colorado River water" is ludicrous. As soon as 2019, Arizona could suffer from greatly reduced allocations of water from the Colorado. We can't afford the destruction or the water loss.

Katharine Donahue


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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