Congratulations to the Star on the coverage of the development of the Villages at Vigneto and the San Pedro River. In particular, the Star’s highlights on how the public can comment on the Federal government’s decisions for this project are most welcome.

Comments can be emailed by December 4 to If you are concerned about the future of the San Pedro River (the last free flowing river in the Southwest), citizens might note in their comments: 1) the Southwest is getting drier and warmer, and stewardship of the San Pedro is of great public interest as directed by the U.S. Clean Water Act; 2) the original Corps analysis for the permit for the project was issued in 2006, and the proposal now is for a much bigger project – the Corps should prepare a new Environmental Impact Statement; and 3) even if the project avoids filling washes, the impacts on water quality and quantities (including major groundwater extraction) need to be evaluated.

Roger McManus


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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