Re: "The Good Samaritan" series.

Thank you Ms. Innes and Ms. Popat for the incredible series of Norma Santos Trujillo's strength and resolve to overcome all odds. It is a wonderful testament to everyone who has suffered injury in life. Having been hit by a car while riding a motorcycle years ago, I know how quickly life can be altered. I was fortunate. When coming round after five hours in surgery, the young surgeon informed me that "20 years ago you'd have woken without a right arm."

I was unable to read the series after the first installment for fear of yet another sad and disheartening story. However, after reading the final installment, this series should be mandatory reading for every middle- and high-school student across the country. It would command direct notice to all those that feel "less than" to the reality that life is a gift. How we use that gift is a measure of our strength and fortitude to succeed. Mrs. Trujillo sends the message loud and clear. Bless you, Mrs. Trujillo!

Bob Ryan


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