Finding funding - ecivis helps greatly for fed/state public - but private foundations? Ecivis has payforview private funding sources. Sharing resources and experience at Community Foundation may help open doors, resources and relations. Meetup?

The state, county, city, nonprofits and industry need to partnerup. Developing UAs Tech parks, program funding for a variety of needs - recent ecivis notes on local partnership help -- but an active center coupled with new ideas is welcomed. may provide another way of promoting Tucson, gastronomy, wine production, science and industry accomplishments.

Augmented reality, makers spaces and other realities -- what we do today must consider what are children's children can envision. Blockchain is beginning: C U Ledger and contract handling - can these assist in administration and management. A healthy and vital mixed sector of interest may be helped by a centralized facility.

leonard bruno

Northeast side

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