Re: the Dec. 19 article "Arizona makes push to collect taxes on out-of- state purchases."

My husband and I laughed so hard that tears rolled down our cheeks. Our state legislators and governor must think we are dumber than we were to have elected them. Here are real solutions to the disparity between what it costs to purchase from a local source and what it costs to purchase online.

1) State governments of all states — Republicans, we're talking to you — pass a basic sales tax that goes to the state the sales order came from, which then divides it up among its cities by population. 2) The same state legislators and governors, as a unit, pressure their Congress people to pass a federal law. But, noooo, it would be a tax increase, gawd forbid. Ideology trumps (sorry) country, trumps main street, trumps rationality, trumps local benefit once again.

Nadina Cole-Potter


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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