Re: the May 13 article "Colorado River Tribes' plan to lease water to S. Ariz. has uncertain future after recall."

Reporter Tony Davis is a treasure for Southern Arizona, and I always look forward to his reports and assessments of our natural environment in the Star. His recent article, however, on the Colorado River and its management regarding the Colorado River Indian Tribes includes a misstep in writing that underscores a basic problem on how we value the river and our other surface waters.

He notes that the tribes use their allotments for agriculture, “but much of it still runs downstream unused.” The perspective that water that is not diverted from surface features, such as our rivers and streams, is “unused,” i.e, wasted, is one worth highlighting. Our once stable rivers, streams and wetlands have contributed significantly to sustainable water resources, and otherwise welcoming and productive environments for centuries. Flowing water is not unused or wasted water. Our surface waters are important resources that should be valued.

Roger McManus


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