Environmental advocates and other opponents of the Rosemont Copper Mine need to take a self study course on the importance of copper in modern civilization. It's an easy one step course. Take the wall plate off an electrical outlet or electrical light switch in your home. Tell me what you see. If you just said "wiring," please identify the metal used in that wiring. End of lesson.

Extra credit. Explain in one sentence how solar and wind energy is transmitted to homes and businesses. Think hard. There's one word you can't exclude.

PhD candidate. How much copper is used in a typical gasoline powered car? If you said 55 pounds, you're right! How about a hybrid? 110 pounds. Now, how about an all electric vehicle? 220 pounds. If you answered all three correctly, you are now entitled to be addressed as Doctor of Copper.

Steve Sollenberger


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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