Re: the Sept. 8 guest column "Despite projections, bold action still needed for Colorado River."

The Environmental Defense Fund's Kevin Moran reminded us that despite avoiding a shortage declaration at Lake Mead, we are still overdrawing our water account. Arizona relies on the Colorado River for about 40 percent of its water supply, but demand far exceeds supply.

When discussing water policy, it’s easy to grow disconnected from the wildlife and habitat that water management ultimately impacts. However, we must ensure that water for natural areas remains a key consideration in water planning discussions. Without action, continued declines in Lake Mead are likely to lead to a declaration of shortage in the next several years, requiring cuts to water use in the Colorado River Basin, particularly in Arizona. A shortage declaration will make water for wildlife harder to safeguard, and may result in impacts to wetlands and rivers. Until water reliability for people is secured, water for birds, other wildlife and their habitats will not be prioritized.

Sonia Perillo

Executive Director Audubon Arizona

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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