As Congress enacts a tax plan that candidates in the 2016 Arizona CD2 election never discussed, I began to think about the fact that important issues often develop after an election and since these issues were unanticipated, they were never discussed with the voters by the candidates in the preceding election campaign. For example, in 2006 candidates for Congress did not anticipate the financial crisis of 2007 and so, votes taken in 2008 by members of Congress to address the crisis relied on the judgment of each Congressman. I am confident that Bruce Wheeler, who is running for the Democratic nomination for CD 2 is the person who we can rely on for good judgment in any situation. He listens to all points of view, he thinks, and he acts. Bruce has the maturity, experience, and judgment to make the decisions that will benefit all CD2 citizens.

Walter Marcus


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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