Re: the Jan. 11 guest column "Professors are purveyors of objective thinking, not fake news."

Many thanks to Professor Classen for inadvertently revealing the political bias of academe. He is hardly objective in declaring that a professor must be “outed” should he or she voice any support for Republican viewpoints. Left-leaning professors, on the other hand, are socially conscious, learned, environmentally aware, meticulously fair, and globally concerned. Somehow he omitted trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, etc. We of the conservative persuasion do indeed share his characterization of the composition of university faculties, but we attribute the phenomenon to the deleterious effect of a mindset originating in the ivy-covered halls of the 1960s, not in the safe spaces of today’s millennials. I have been in enough classrooms and faculty lounges to know that liberal indoctrination is real, earnest, and pervasive. That is one reason we arrived, for example, at the absurd view that “99 percent of all scientists” believe in anthropogenic global warming. One might even call that fake news.

Glenn Perry


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