Re: the Sept. 27 article "Ducey raps McCain for not backing ACA repeal."

Gov. Doug Ducey was salivating at the idea of "block grants" to the states. It would come without any real mandates to be spent as the state decided. So he could prop up his state budget AND give away more tax cuts. Ducey is an acolyte of the American Oligarchs (Koch and friends), attends their meetings on bended knee and does their bidding. His main concerns (behind closed doors) is for the 'have-lots', not the 'have-nots'. And our patriotic American Senator, John McCain, spoiled his dream of millions of dollars, falling like raindrops in the desert,. And possibly foiled his chances of being endorsed by the American Oligarchs for AZ Senator. No wonder he is fuming.

Gail Ruther

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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