Re: the Feb. 11 column "Who needs ballot initiatives? We have a Legislature."

In his rant against ballot initiatives, Jonathan Hoffman makes only one thing clear — he doesn’t like them. However, he commits a number of errors in logic along the way:

1. Mislabeling — he claims that the initiative process “subverts” the legislative process as if citizens’ writing law is some act of rebellion

2. Either/or fallacy — he claims that Arizonans must choose between a republic and a democracy as if we want to write every new law by initiative— nonsense

3. Misinterpretation — he claims, citing Madison, that legislators are more likely than citizens to seek compromise on a certain issue — obviously not true in 2018 Arizona

4. False premise — he posits that we Arizonans are superior because of our devotion to private pursuits and ignorance of government — he offers no evidence to support this and therefore assumes it to be true

Hoffman clearly wants to steal citizen authority and send it to his pals in the legislature. Hopefully, the citizens of Arizona won’t be duped by his nonsense.

Jim Christ

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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