As a life-long Democrat, it was with great sadness that I saw Paul Durham elected Ward 3 councilman to the Tucson City Council. Gary Watson, an Independent, was far and away the better candidate and so much more attuned to the issues and concerns in Ward 3. Once again, the Democrats are sadly out of tune with people they claim to represent. The local and national Democratic party does not have clear and resonating messages for voters.

Mr. Durham apparently believes bike lanes and solar energy are important to the people who live in Ward 3. The real issues in Ward 3 are jobs, job training, wages, better education and schools. Instead of new ideas and new direction, the Pima County Democrats gave us a political hack with same-old, same-old for the Old Pueblo. When the residents of Ward 3 are riding bikes to work — not wearing fancy spandex outfits while doing so — the message we get from our new councilman is clearly, “Let them eat cake.”

Frances Luchsinger


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