A couple of weeks ago a Border Patrol officer was killed and another wounded in Texas. Authorities still do not know what happened. The latest reports say it appears to be an accident. A tragic thing. Within hours of the incident, without any information about the actual events, President Trump and Rep. Martha McSally both released statements calling for using all means available to secure the border and apprehend the murdering aliens who killed the agent.

Why would our leaders go so immediately to the racist call to "get the aliens" when they had no way of knowing if there was any crime at all? Could it have hurt anything to actually get the facts before trying to blame everything on the scary "illegal alien" boogeyman? At least with our president we don't expect much impulse control on his Tweets, but Rep. McSally should really know better.

Graeme Williams

Southeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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