Re: the Sept. 17 column "Able-bodied adults shouldn't rely on state for health care."

Columnist Joseph Morgan cherry-picks statistics from a Kaiser Foundation study saying that 51 percent of recipients are working, so one must assume 49 percent aren't. In fact the report's 51 percent represents those working FULL-TIME ALL YEAR. The writer's assumed 49 percent include part-time workers, as well as those living in working families, which make up 78 percent of adult recipients. The same report says that Medicaid has NO significant effect of employment numbers. Interestingly, 20 percent of working recipients are in health and education fields. This seems to say a lot about what Americans don't truly value and our preference to motivate by punishing rather than helping. Compared to other countries, I guess America truly is exceptional.

Bill Baker

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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