Re: the Oct. 1 guest columns "Prop. 454: Should Oro Valley expand Naranja Park?"

I was fascinated by the views on Proposition 454. One column was written with no reference to math or spending, while the other was written with accurate math. One presented a kaleidoscope view of reality while the other presented reality.

Prop. 454 is a ruse by the "gang who could not spend straight" to spend the money of those who can calculate a municipal scam in slow motion, very similar to other scams such as the town vehicle fleet size, the Steam Pump Ranch, annexations, the Community Center and golf courses, and the very vacant Oro Valley Marketplace.

The mayor and council in Oro Valley have a pattern and practice of being unable to learn from their own errors with other people’s money. And the Prop. 454 mathematical mistake dressed in a costume of sports leagues and students is merely the newest misguided chapter.

Brian F. Gagan

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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