why do you never interview us the bag ladies that did the iititative to get the bag ordinance on the ballot to vote

it is a tax on a tax that violates city charte r no matter what the progressives call it all we wanted to do was to vote on this issue and the mayor and city council denied us 3 times the right to vote

as we know except for the area behind safeway that the bags were tied on the trees we have pictures and that a group in town rode there bikes all over town littering it with bags it was all a false fact and we proved it but they would not even look at the pictures ore ver listen

as they stated how dare the state tell us what to do and yet they never listen to it voters how dare they imposes there will on us total hypocisy and lies we have been fighting them since 2013

Susan Blackford


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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