I recently read in the Star about Rep. Grijalva being drunk while on the job and that in the past he had a DUI. I would like to address Mr. Grijalva

Mr. Grijalva if I were to get a DUI I would loose my job. My job requires I have a CDL one DUI and I loose my the CDL. If I were to show up to work drunk I would be fired instantly. I am also subject to drug/alcohol screening.

Many of the regulations I'm subject to are mandated by the Federal Government of which you are one of my representatives. I do not understand how you Mr. Grijalva can hold me to standards you cannot meet. I do not understand Mr. Grijalva how considering you do can not meet these standards you hold your constituents how you have the ability much less the right to Govern me. Please resign.

Michael Leonard

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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