This weekend, as the Senate voted on its hastily-written, economy-altering tax legislation in the dead of night, a round-the-clock vigil was in progress outside of Senator McCain’s office.

Nationally, viewers of MSNBC and readers of The Guardian knew this, as both outlets shared footage of Tucson’s People’s Filibuster, which ultimately ran 43 hours.

Locally, readers of the Arizona Daily Star did not.

As a Star subscriber, I look to the paper for local news and a local spin on national events. Yet while one of the most important stories of the week unfolded, the Star offered up only news wire coverage written elsewhere that didn’t talk about Tucson at all.

Surely this bill, which will have sweeping effects on the lives of Southern Arizonans, deserved some local coverage.

Janni Simner


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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