A case in Tucson the family awarded 12 million, this woman was 42 years old , her normal life stolen because of bad policies , physician error. When a medication profilnine was to be given only if life threatening, and surgery needed immediately . Instead it was given for high bleed time when other safer measures have always worked .

Banner said the policy was only a 'suggestion " , (guess they werent serious about it )

Reminds me of the AZ Board of Nursing who orders nurses to have psych evals, or they will be charged with unprofessional conduct. So the nurse complys and the dir of the board of nursing says < Oh it was only a SUGGESTION .

sure looked like a board order to me . with threat of additional charges .

I am glad Banner lost maybe the CEO can make 2.5 million instead of his usual 3. +++

More mistakes will happen they are cutting nursing staff, BUT they are buying urgent cares !!

Sandra Serdans

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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