I am not trying to comment on a particular ideological stance, but rather society's views and actions toward fellow citizens. We all studied about the Inquisition, which in the name of religion and imposing belief, tortured and murdered. Later, the Salem witch trials, where fear and loss of reason condemned neighbors and friends. As we go, Nazi war crimes are replaced by new atrocities.

Today we can wage hatred and intolerance with a click of the mouse and never suffer for our acts. Facebook and Twitter have made it easy to be cruel to friends and anyone we choose. A business owner makes a regrettable post of his political views, and the instant result is the loss of a business and many jobs. Why post hateful messages about appearance or a persons views? This isn't about being kind. It is about having standards of respect for yourself and others, their property and right to earn a living.

Ethel Maloney


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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