In less than one year, we managed to alienate most of our allies, including Canada, Mexico, the EU, NATO and several nations important to us, such as China and Saudi Arabia. We are hyping ourselves into nuclear confrontations with North Korea and possibly Iran. Efforts are underway to discredit the FDA , the Special Prosecutor and the 'Fake News Media'. Several important federal agencies are being restructured, or dismantled. The only truth seems to be in tweeds from the President. We have withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord, the TPP and have not recertified the Iran nuclear agreement. Domestically, we seem to have lost our ability to govern; internationally we are either unable, or unwilling to lead. Yes, militarily we are still the most powerful country. Yes, we are still the richest country. But, we are no longer the most respected and influential country. There will be a change in the world order, with nations like China, Russia, a stronger EU and others filling the void. Is that what we want?

Gunter Pawlowski


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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