Re: the Oct. 4 guest column "Problem is lack of morality, not too few gun laws."

It’s automatic: Once a shooting has occurred, Ken Rineer, die-hard defender of policies that make us more likely to die from semi-automatic weapons, submits an opinion piece saying that there are already plenty of gun laws. Instead what we need is more morality.

No matter how moral someone once was, if he / she is mentally ill, we can’t count on morality to protect us. The fact that the shooter bought his arsenal legally means to me that the laws permitting this are indefensible. If semi-automatic long guns were banished, the Las Vegas shooter would have had to rely on a bolt action rifle. Yes, some people would have died, but surely not as many. If you worry that making semi-automatic rifles illegal would ruin your deer hunting, I point out that you can kill a deer with a bolt action rifle.

Roger Carpenter

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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