After the horrible incident in Las Vegas last Sunday, my question is, have we reached the tipping point yet? I watched as a reporter from another country, reported on Vegas. Interesting, because all they do, is shake their head's, and with a sad expression, say, "it will just happen again". Are we fed up enough, now, to realize, sensible gun laws, are so very much, needed. Can we move past the hate? How could anyone, think, to do something, like this? Don't tell me that the gun isn't the problem, it's the shooter. Not this time , not anytime an automatic weapon is used. Think about this, it's time to do away with these weapons. They aren't used for sport. They should be un-available, period. it's not about the 2nd Amendment. It's not that hard!

Mary Bradley


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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