Instead of destroying the lives of career FBI agents, proper investigations could be done into the lives of those who are employed in DC. What is it about our president that all the president's men are thugs?

Perhaps Republicans just need to focus on more winners like Lonegan, running against Menendes. There is a dragon slayer! Where is Roy Moore when you need him?

When you walk away from ethics, all hell breaks loose.

This president and this Republican party will go down in history as a bunch of pathetic old men who tried to overthrow our law enforcement institutions, thwarted the will of the people, and who brought American democracy to its knees.

The Fox News Cult will have their entry in the sidebar of history books. They will be listed as the mouthpiece for the big money that was used to destroy this country by paying off pathetic old men.

Great job Traitors. I have begun shopping for leadership I can trust for my children's welfare... In Mexico.

Eric Ferris


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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