Listen up Senators Flake and McCain! You too Congresswoman Martha McSally. We need your help!!

As one of your constituents I am begging you to say NO to this tax scam bill! I know many people in the state of Arizona including my children, grandchildren and myself that will be detrimentally harmed by this bill. Two of my children have recently purchased homes that are concerned they will have to sell should this bill pass! I myself am concerned I will have to move in with one of my children because of medical costs. My children and grandchildren do not deserve to have to pay for Donald Trump's children's tax cuts!!! I truly believe this tax bill could quite honestly create a recession this country has not seen in many years! Please, now that this bill has initially passed the Senate vote, work with your colleagues to ensure the middle class is not penalized by tax cuts for the wealthy.


Jodie Bristow

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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