I agree with those who say Donald Trump has accomplished much in the last year. Fortunately, some of it will take time to kick in: privatizing our public school system, taking off safety regulations, silencing scientific organizations, stuffing our federal courts with highly conservative judges, enriching himself, giving enormous gifts to the wealthiest businesses, tossing people off health care, robbing the working and middle classes — to name but a few.

The immediate effects of his vast ignorance, egomania, racism, lying and greed with the complicity of the Republican Senate and Congress have already taken a huge, dangerous toll. Democratic values are compromised, our standing worldwide has plummeted, his foreign "policy" is a combination of protecting Russia's Putin while using a bully pulpit of the United States strength and arsenal to intimidate, debase and threaten others. His lack of interest in the planet, world peace and humanity is abhorrent. He, and they, should be replaced — and quickly.

Pamela Marvin


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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