A recent letter writer thought I should apologize for categorizing Trump voters. Because she stated that she was neither a KKKer or a dupable, it's clear that she is a Republican who voted for Trump despite his admitted sexual predations, his belittling of the physically handicapped, his maligning of American families of fallen heroes, his disparagement of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims -- in short, his constant sowing of seeds of hatred, bigotry, and prejudice both during his campaign and now as president.

On the contrary, the apology should come from those who put this psychotic, unprincipled, corrupt and irrational person into the office of the most powerful leader of the free world (which because of his abhorrent behavior is no longer the case).

Trump's inflated ego and corrosive hubris, (along with his arrogant, lunatic tweets), if untethered, seriously threaten the stability and security of this great constitutional republic and democracy. Our national nightmare worsens.

Gladys Lujan


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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