Re: the Oct. 4 guest column "Problem is lack of morality, not too few gun laws."

Thanks to gun spokesman Ken Rineer for a nasty bit of irony. Rineer claims “a chorus” has called for tighter gun laws in response to the Las Vegas shootings. They “jumped the gun in their judgements,” he says, because the shooter used a highly-regulated automatic rifle and thus proved regulations don’t work.

Actually, it’s Rineer who jumped the gun. Turns out the shooter didn’t use an automatic rifle but a semi-auto with a bump stock. Big difference! The bump stock — a plastic gadget available online for about $100 — lets a legal gun operate like its illegal cousin.

Rineer also argues that the problem isn’t guns at all, but “a lack of morality.” To attain a moral society, he says, we need “leadership rather than demagoguery.” Maybe so. A good place to start is if he would speak from facts and stopped firing rhetorical blanks.

Michael Rule


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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