We would not be having this problem with Assad using chemical weapons on civilians if President Obama had acted after his “red line” statements. He was about to take military action, but abruptly backed off. Instead, he and Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated a naive deal with Russia to have them remove all chemical weapons from Syria. That, obviously never happened. But, Obama and Kerry claimed victory and the news media applauded them.

Obama failed to act when the Syrian conflict was in its infancy. He called for Assad’s removal, but then did nothing to seriously support opposition forces, who were not extremists then. Additionally, due to a campaign pledge to his leftist base, and contrary to the Joint Chiefs' recommendations, Obama unwisely withdrew all U.S. troops from Iraq, which lead to the rise and spread of ISIS, the "JV team," there and in Syria.

David Burford

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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