Money talks and we’ve sold our democracy to those with lots of it. Those congresspersons with the most power and seniority are bought many times over by the 1%. And the 99% is not allowed to see who is paying because dark money is A-OK. We could change it if we wanted to and it would really not be that hard. Create term limits for senators and representatives so no one has seniority and no one can accumulate power. Create an independently-run donation website that allows every individual to donate a maximum of $25 (or you pick the amount) to any particular candidate. No other types or amounts of donations allowed. No PACs. Everyone has equal say with their dollars. You are not allowed to donate to anyone outside your district. No one other than the candidate using donated money can pay for advertising. These changes would transform our system of government and would terrify those in power, making it a democracy instead of a plutocracy.

Henry Wallace


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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