Re: the Oct. 5 column "No law can prevent someone from committing evil acts."

Having heard almost every Republican Congressman and Senator repeat the NRA mantra, "This is not the time...", I fear the tactic may successfully deflect the issue. As I see it, the issue is not evil acts or mental health, it is technology. The founding fathers didn't need to fear the capability of a single gunman killing and injuring over 500 people with firearms because the technology didn't exist. Cars, airplanes and trains didn't exist at that time either but over time, safety measures have been legislated.

The semiautomatic rifle is solely designed to kill human beings rapidly. After market modifications like the Bump Stock used by the Las Vegas gunman improve the efficacy of these killing machines. How is this a second amendment right.

The NRA has many members and a great deal of money to influence politics. It is time for the NRA members to step up to protect innocent people. Regulate the technology and decrease the death rate

Barbara Moore

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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