Re: the Dec. 6 letter to the editor "Let's reform spending, too."

I wish the "cut government spending" folks would tell us where they want the cuts. If Social Security and Medicare are cut, the cry from SaddleBrooke would echo off the Santa Catalinas. How about the Department of the Interior? However, we old folks get a lot of use out of our subsidized park passes. Transportation maybe? We all agree the roads and infrastructure are a mess. Then there are always things like cleaning up EPA Superfund sites, meat inspections, or drug regulation.

I spent 30 years in government service, and spending cuts and hiring freezes usually meant I couldn't get paper or printer ink, and I ended up doing secretarial chores in addition to my regular job. It's not easy for those in government service these days. They do a thankless job providing services we all depend on and now they have to deal with a hostile administration bent on dismantling agencies. Be careful what you wish for and do provide some specifics where these cuts can take place.

Mary Zimmerman


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