Re: the Oct. 4 guest column "Problem is lack of morality, not too few gun laws."

I read Ken Rineer's response to the horrific Las Vegas shooting. I have a few questions for him. (He is the executive director of Gun Owners of Arizona.) I too am a gun owner who lives in Arizona. My bona fides include my continuous gun ownership since before you were born. I used to be a member of the NRA, but that's another story.

Here are my questions: What is your (personal or organizational) position relating to commercial availability of silencers, super large capacity magazines, so-called bumper stocks? And, how do feel about universal background checks? My wager is you, and your organization, are opposed to any legal restrictions on people's ability to purchase these items or avoid background checks. I know you will use the same old tired arguments that they would not stop yada yada yada.

Well, should I bet? What is the betting line that I am correct in predicting your position?

Bernie Bennett

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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