First, a little of my background. I was raised in the South in a middle class family. I overcame my prejudicial upbringing and have worked hard all my life. I have done a multitude of volunteer work for the poor in the U.S., China and many third-world countries. Because I get Social Security and Medicare (pays for 80 percent of out of hospital benefits) I receive approximately $47 a month too much to also receive Medicaid. I have cancer and am unable to pay my 20 percent of the thousands of dollars for my treatment, while those who worked little or not at all get a 100 percent ride for their medical treatment. I am an independent voter, a moderate, and am neutral toward Trump. Charlie Rose "interviewed" Steve Bannon on "60 Minutes." As a member of the elite liberal press he constantly loudly interrupted while Bannon attempted to explain many of the happenings since January. Stop interrupting! The word "rude" does not adequately explain Rose's biased interviewing methods.

Mauda Palmer

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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