We have heard so much about “Make America Great Again,” but this now turns into “Make America Small Again.” Our president has made every possible effort to reduce the political influence that the US have exerted on the world, and we all stand to lose in economic, military, political, and cultural terms. Global market conditions require that an industrial nation like the US paves the way toward a positive climate favoring trade among the many different sides. This requires promoting democracy and freedom across the world, but now Russia and China dominate in almost every regard. Pres. Donald Trump’s golf-club mentality might be good for American real estate, and his own buddy system facilitates gross backward-looking mining and energy policies which profit the big corporations for now, but will hurt our nation and the free world in the long run. There is nothing ‘great’ about our current government.

Albrecht Classen


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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