These gun massacre tragedies are always followed by Republicans offering prayers and ingenuously arguing that gun control advocates are politicizing the tragedies by pushing for reform, that "it's too soon."

Unfortunately, it's always "too soon" as the next "event" is right around the corner. It's almost obscene to refer to these events as "tragedies" as that word suggests that what occurred was unavoidable. We all know that not to be true. We all know that there will be another "tragedy" all too soon. And another, and another...

Is everybody happy with this state of affairs?

Conservatives like to argue that we already have "plenty of laws." I agree, we don't need more ineffectual unenforceable laws.

We need effective, meaningful gun control. We've had it in the past.

In truth, that's not going to happen without anything short of an entire culture shift in this country.


Dana Whitson

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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