I think it’s important, although very difficult, to keep the Trump presidency in the proper perspective. First, it’s not forever, only 3 more years (or hopefully less). Second, not everything that is a result of Trump and the Republican agenda, policies and legislation is forever. Take the recent Republican tax boondoggle. It’s not cast in stone. It’s not necessarily permanent. When a Democratic president and Congress are elected in 2020 they can change and modify it, even repeal and rewrite parts of it, especially the parts that harm the middle class and poor. And they can also reverse many of the other bad things Trump has done or will do. So let’s not lose hope during this dark chapter in American history. Trumpism will pass and with new leadership America will once again take its place as leader of the free world.

Douglas Maul

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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