Reg. “In Switch, Trump says US will help penalized Chinese company” (5-14-18). This perhaps at first sight not so significant news about our president sheds considerable light on his personality and style. He is acting like an abusive parent; very stern, mean, at times violent, populist, never demonstrating any loyalty, switching positions at a moment's notice when convenient, extremely narcissistic, and never considering what the other side might expect.

How much money did this Chinese company, ZTE, pump into Trump’s private coffer in order to make him overturn his own ban? What did the Chinese leader Xi Jinping promise him to switch course on trade policies with China in such an erratic fashion? Trump uses scare tactics, threatens punishments, withdraws privileges, gives sudden favors, and thus creates, abusively, an atmosphere of unpredictability, unreliability, and untrustworthiness.

Trump irresponsibly plays out one global partner against the other, gambling away the international standing and reputation of our great country in that process. Who matters more, Chinese or American workers?

Albrecht Classen


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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