Why do you support this tax proposal? You want to tax the tuition remission for grad students. Does the Republican party believe that if we have less educated people then the United States is better off? How can you object to deducting health care expenses or reducing the deduction for state and local taxes ? I can't spend (help the economy) or invest (strengthen the United States) with money I don't have. Well, state and local taxes are money I don't have. Why should I have to pay tax on money I don't have?

Drastically cutting taxes to expand the economy and jobs has been tried before, e.g., Kansas, and it didn't work there. It sounds good; but there is no certainty of success. One Republican senator wants to insert language that if the economy doesn't expand, then the tax breaks for corporations are reduced. But that met with a hostile reception from other Republicans. So they don't even believe their own logic!

David Becker


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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