Re: the Dec. 3 letter to the editor "Name-calling feeds divisiveness."

Right-wing media is the one that feeds divisiveness. They're the ones that told us about Hillary Clinton's child sex-ring in a pizza shop, the ones that say Roy Moore, accused of child sex abuse, is a better choice than a Democrat. They blame us for a fake war on Christmas and ignore the president’s daily racist, sexist tweet storms.

On Sunday, the Star needed two pages to sort out weekly lies from facts. They did this to us. Not the Star. Conservatives don’t like being called out for it? Tough. Fix yourselves. The right-wing media is a threat to our nation. If you think we’re going to stand by and smile while they destroy it you are wrong. Clinton got three million more votes. That letter described how a majority of Americans feel. Understand that.

Tim Briggs

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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